Friday, November 13, 2009

Rhododendrons and frost?

some say i have to wrap them in burlap before first frost and how do i do it

Rhododendrons and frost?
rhododendrons are a evergreen, the ones in the woods do not get wraped or cover.
Reply:I have never done that but I guess it depends how low your winter temps are.
Reply:I always thought they were an evergreen plant... I never heard of covering them... I'm in Ky... google it...
Reply:I live in Upstate New York. Rhododendrons are evergreens, and I have never heard of covering them. Night temperatures usually get down to -10 through -20 several times a winter, and the rhododendrons at my house don't seem to mind. If they are young, it might not be a bad idea to cover them the first frost to help them get acclimated. You don't need to use burlap, old bed sheets will work, or a tarp. Rhododendrons are woody, so you can just toss a sheet or something over it for the night if it is small. If it is large, I wouldn't worry.

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