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What plants are poisonous to goats besides rhododendrons?

I live in Washington and have 2 goats we keep out in the pasture. Everyday i enjoy bringing them treats -- picking them leaves and other vegetation or bringing them fruit and veggies on my lunch break. I know that rodedenrons and poisonous, but is there anything else i should avoid feeding them? Thanks so much!!!

What plants are poisonous to goats besides rhododendrons?
African Rue

Andromeda (related to foxglove)

Avocado- South American Avocado leaves/tree such as Haas or crosses with Haas

Avocado- Fuarte (definitely)


Brouwer's Beauty Andromeda



Cassava (manioc)

China Berry Trees, all parts

Choke Cherries, wilting especially

Choke Cherry Leaves in abundance


Dog Hobble

Dumb Cane (diffenbachia) (Houseplant)

False Tansy

"Fiddleneck"- know by this common name in CA. It is a fuzzy looking, 12" to 15" plant, with small yellow blossoms, shaped on a stem shaped like the neck of a fiddle.



Holly Trees/Bushes

Ilysanthes floribunda

Japanese pieris (extremely toxic)

Japanese Yew

Lantana - appears on both lists

Larkspur- a ferny, flowering plant in shades of blue, pink and white.



Lily of the Valley (Pieris Japonica)

Lupine - appears on both lists

Madreselva (Spain) patologia renal




Mountain Laurel

Nightshade- appears on both lists: Whether this is really poisonous is questionable because I have received a post saying "my goats eat nightshade all the time". We also have a lot of Nightshade on own property and none of our goats have died from it. I tend to think it is ok in moderation.


Pieris Japonica (extreamly toxic)


Rhubarb leaves

Tu Tu (the Maori name for Coriaria arborea)

Wild Cherry, -wilted- leaves (fresh and fully dried are not poisonous)

Reply:I would try a yahoo search on goat sites and find out the facts from people that raise goats. I have heard of goats (and cow and sheep) getting sick from grazing under and around black walnut trees.
Reply:Outside of avacado and possibly chocolate anything that you eat your goat can eat. Wormwood or artimisia is actually something that your goat will eat and it does act as a wormer.

But I don' t think you need to worry about anything that you'd pick out of a vegetable garden or from most trees. Goats are really good at not eating much of a new food and are usually hard to poision even if you try to.
Reply:goats are not dumb and will usually sus what is bad for them. However: oleander, henbane, cassia, ivy, euphorbias, wormwood, digitalis, deadly nightshade/rauwolfia, will all kill.

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